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Some would say. If you’re going to love, be sure to love everyone. Not just when it’s easy, but when it’s difficult; Even when there’s nothing in it for you.

I have a confession. I don’t love everyone. There are some people/hate groups who I feel, as a society. We would be better off without them. These people/groups possess evil so intense; well, in my opinion. It’s scary and dangerous.

Some are pre-disposed to violence, They’re compelled to commit crimes and can’t control themselves. Their crimes are so heinous that it sickens me.

I guess the best we can do is have hope. Hope that someday society will come to its senses and realize it’s so very dysfunctional. The world has lost its ####### mind!

Until then, keep hugging (I’m a closet hugger/lol) and try to be there for each other. You know. Not just when it’s easy, but when it’s difficult, as well.

Have a great weekend. I don’t know about you, but I have a six-pack of hard root beer waiting for me.

I’m out.


School Buses


Over the last week or so, five children and several adults have been killed or injured in a series of accidents involving school buses. They were either waiting for the buses or run over while crossing by apparently distracted drivers. While the crashes are still active investigations, it seems to be leaning in that direction.

In my opinion, this has been coming for a long time. Since the arrival of texting and being able to access email through cellphones. I have seen many incidents of distracted drivers.

  • Drivers are passing me on highways. Keep in mind, I’m doing seventy miles-per-hour, and they pass me checking their phones. They must be going eighty miles-per-hour!
  • I observed a driver at the intersection of 7-Highway by the 70-Highway entrance, who was looking down checking their phone, drive through the intersection and jump a curve before realizing they were moving!
  • Just recently, a co-worker’s pregnant daughter was rear-ended by a distracted driver, which resulted in her getting admitted to the hospital for observation. Luckily, all turned out well.

This school bus situation has me concerned because I don’t feel most people are getting what’s happening. Sure, they watch the news stories, read the articles, etc., and comment on how horrible these accidents are for everyone. However, they get into their vehicles and do the same thing!

I hate texting because I’m probably the slowest texter, ever. So, I either ignore the text or wait until I arrive at my destination to return the text; If I remember (lol)!

The twenty-four-year-old driver who just about wiped out a whole family, a nine-year-old sister and her six-year-old twin brothers claimed she didn’t “see” the stopped school bus with its lights and crossbar activated. I understand it was dark but, a big ####### school bus with its lights activated. I get pissed every time I think about the incident and her response.

We have become a society of no consequences. Just do whatever the hell you want, and don’t worry about anything. Dismiss whatever it is and move on.

Dear God, these are children going to school and parents trying to keep them safe. Please pay attention while driving!

Is Society Broke?


I just read several articles regarding kidnapping, homicide and sexual assault.

  • A six-year-old female child kidnapped from her room earlier this year. Her buried body recently recovered.
  • A thirteen-year-old female child also kidnapped. They located her body in the same area as the six-year-old. A male has been arrested and held in the above two incidents.
  • A Border Patrol supervisor detained for the murder of four females in the past two weeks.

In my opinion, Society has become desensitized to the kidnapping, murder, and rape of children. Not a sexual assault. Rape. These are children, six and thirteen. It’s disgusting, and we should be outraged!

Also, women are raped and murdered with impunity. Remember the rape of the college student by the dumpster? The one where two other students witnessed the situation and stopped the assault. In what I call a travesty. The judge gave the perpetrator; I believe, six months jail time! He dared to appeal his sentence. Talk about privilege.

Teachers assaulted by students and teachers are sexually assaulting/raping their students. Kids are shooting up their schools and classmates.

I remember when there’d be road races, football/baseball games with “basic” security precautions. Now there are checkpoints, magnetometers, pat downs, etc.

Seniors assaulted by young people, teenagers, etc. Domestic violence is resulting in spouses getting shot, stabbed, etc. Older members of society should be looked at with respect; for their knowledge, etc. That isn’t the case. More fatalities. So much disrespect toward each other.

Let’s make schools more balanced. Make College affordable to everyone. Everyone deserves a shot at dreaming and reaching their dreams.

We, as a society, will protest kneeling at the beginning of a football game, but not a child being raped and murdered. Just blow it off. You know, Things like this happen. Bullshit!

Something is wrong with society. Something broke!

I’ve heard some people comment. This type of crime has always happened, but because of Social Media, we read about these stories instantaneously. Bullshit, again.

I repeat. Something is wrong with society. Something broke!

High School Student Commits Suicide


Just listened to the press conference regarding the teenager who committed suicide at Lee’s Summit-North High School.

First of all my prayers to the family and friends of the student. Also, to the teachers and students of the Lee’s Summit School District. Lastly, to the first responders. They are responsible for dealing with a lot of horrible situations but don’t get nearly enough recognition.

Now the media. You all are dumbasses! All I heard was your concern about the difference between a soft and hard lockdown. Really! Is that all you could up with from this horrible, horrible, incident?

A soft lockdown is designed for students and staff to shelter-in-place and allows for quick movement by law enforcement/EMS personnel. Hallways are cleared and allow for a quicker reunification of families, etc. One of the only differences are the exterior doors to the facility are not locked.

My guess is they knew it was an isolated incident/one gunshot, etc.; therefore, opted for a soft lockdown.

The concern should be for the deceased student, her family, and friends, etc. Also, researching ways to try and prevent horrible incidents such as todays from getting to that point.

We need way more focus on mental health issues in this country!

The media truly has become a joke.

Lee’s Summit North High School dismisses students early after teenage girl takes her life

Get a Grip People!


Things to do during a Gender Reveal Party: Eat, play games, visit w/friends, etc.. Oh yeah, forgot. Shoot up the place and injure nine people; including several children with one fatality.

Some people suck! Get a grip…Just sayin’.

After writing those words, I began to think about how we, as a society, got here.

I remember as a police officer during the mid-80s and early 90s, and a child would get shot as a result of gang violence. Whether it was getting caught in between two rival gangs, e.g., a drug deal that went bad, or retaliation for some perceived act of disrespect, etc.

Print, television and radio media would incessantly report on the story. Newspaper articles that occupied the front page. Television stations would interrupt regular programming and radio stations would broadcast the story numerous times an hour.

Society would “lose their minds.” Commenting about how horrible things were, and asking questions such as, What’s wrong with Society? What happened to respect? Why aren’t parents teaching their children to respect one another?

Move ahead to 2017. Now when an incident, such as the one above, takes place. There may be a story on page three of the newspaper. Television stations no longer interrupt their regular programming; however, they do include it in their nightly news programs, but I think it’s more for the ratings. Radio stations might report on it several times and then nothing. You can hear crickets.

Have we become desensitized to violence or do we not care any longer? I’m not sure, but in my opinion society, for the most part, is changing. It seems like we’re quick to blame the police, teachers, politicians (they’re part of the problem) for society’s demise, but society has some skin in the game.

Before anyone takes exception, please understand I realize some things do have to change; however, let’s be honest. Society needs some work, too. Look at road rage, school and workplace violence, immigration, parents abusing and killing their children, both political parties are crazy and shootings in cities such as Chicago, etc. The list goes on and on for what seems like forever.

It seems we no longer value life or anything else for that matter; unless, it has to do with us. Have we become more selfish?


Something to think about…

I hear this over and over, again. Of course when you spend time in the community. You know, build relationships, etc., things will change. But you can’t go into a community; build those relationships and then pull out because some politician wants to cut the budget. It takes real commitment from everyone.

I liked that my department practiced Community Based Policing back in the late 80s and early 90s. They even sent me to Yale University for a three-day seminar regarding the subject.

We received a fit in your back pocket notebook when we began the program. It contained every number imaginable. Everything from getting street lights fixed, homeless and domestic violence shelters to Department of Family and Children Services’ numbers. With everything in between. We would be able to take care of or initiate a lot with a cell phone and those notebooks. The people living in the community appreciated that fact and responded accordingly.

When you identify “quality of life” issues, e.g., broken windows, trash, broken/shot out street lights, violations of noise ordinances, etc., things will begin to improve. Also, when you build relationships with people living in the community, they start to respond. They are more apt to come to you with their concerns. It will take time and again, commitment.

Hopefully, Raytown and their police department stick with the program; assign enough officers, and politicians provide adequate funding.

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Student and Mid-Term Exams


I worked, as a police officer, for a large east coast inner city medical center affiliated with an Ivy-League school during the mid-80s and early-90s. It requires much focus and dedication from their students.

Mid-term exams were approaching, and this sees a rise in stress levels in students, which is normal. Students don’t seem to have enough time in the day to accomplish everything expected of them.

The major difference of this particular college: Some Students can attend because of hard work and scholarships, and some because of parents who are footing the bill. We’re not talking about $12,000 thousand dollars per year (remember this was the 80s), but $25,000 per year (The current cost is about $54,000 per year!). When you throw everything into the mix; let’s just say stress levels rise because there is a lot to lose.

By this time, I had been promoted to Sergeant and because of the high level of activity in the Emergency Department; decided to assist officers already working the area until the activity slowed down.

A short time later, an ambulance crew brought in a young female college student who had taken too much NoDoz in an attempt to buy more study time for the upcoming mid-terms. She was promptly placed in an exam room until a physician could examine her, and left to her own devices.

Before I continue let me remind you that this young lady is very attractive and in great shape. I’ll continue with the story. The ambulance crew, several nurses and I had gotten into a conversation by the Emergency Department’s ambulance bay entrance. All of a sudden the bay doors opened and the young female college student ran by us naked as a jaybird! Apparently, she felt clothes would just slow her down in her quest to escape. After all there was additional studying to be done!

Imagine driving down the street and you see this. A naked young woman running down the street pursued by a police officer (laughing hysterically), two nurses who were yelling obscenities. Also, one Medic, who kept repeating, “I’m going to pee my pants.” and one EMT, who forgot to lock their rig, it sounded something like this: Me laughing. Will you please fucking stop (the staff was always polite). I’m going to kick your ass. I forgot to lock the fucking rig. I’m going to pee my damn pants. Repeat.

We did catch her a short time later. She just stopped because she was tired of running. We forgot to take something to cover her, so we walked to her back to the Emergency Department, which I’m sure raised some eyebrows. I miss that job!