PTSD (Post Tramatic Stress Syndrome) in Children and Teens

What events cause PTSD in children/teens?

Children and teens could have PTSD if they lived through an event that could have caused them, or someone else to be killed or badly hurt. Also included are sexual or physical abuse among other violent crimes. Disasters such as floods, school shootings, car crashes or fires might also cause PTSD.

Child protection services in the U.S. get around 3 million reports each year. This involves 5.5 million children. Of the reported cases, there is proof of abuse in 30 percent. From these cases, we
have an idea how often different types of abuse occur:

-65 percent neglect
-18 percent physical abuse
-10 percent sexual abuse
-7 percent psychological (mental) abuse

Also, 3-10 million children witness family violence each year. Around 40-60 percent of those cases involve child physical.

Note: It is thought that two-thirds of child abuse cases are not reported.

This information was taken from a Department of Veterans Affairs’ article.


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