What Happens if You Get a Bad Teacher?

When I learned my daughter had been placed in Miss W’s second-grade class, I began hearing whispers around the playground. There were complaints of strange punishments — something called “the walk of shame” — and of students being yelled at and publicly humiliated. It was also rumored that she was running a boat-parts business off her laptop and cell phone during class time.

“What class is Anna in?” I asked the mother of my daughter’s best friend. Her older daughter had already graduated from the school so she knew the terrain well. “The other one,” she said with a bright smile, not elaborating. But I knew what she wasn’t saying.

For more information: http://momshomeroom.msn.com/parenting-articles/getting_involved/what-happens-if-you-get-a-bad-teacher-/250279017?wt.mc_id=msn


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