What Your Child’s Teacher Expects of You

Have you ever wondered what teachers really think about the parents of the kids they teach? If a teacher could be totally honest, what would he or she want to tell you? How does your child’s teacher want you to act?

Teachers spend a large amount of time going over the rules and behavioral expectations of the children in their classrooms. But they never get the chance to do the same with parents! Whether you’re a regular classroom helper, an occasional volunteer, or just a parent trying to hold it all together while working two jobs and balancing the lives of three children, there are a few important things that every teacher wishes parents knew. Here are 10 behavioral expectations teachers wish parents would follow:

For more information: http://momshomeroom.msn.com/parenting-articles/getting_involved/what-your-child-s-teacher-expects-of-you/251536937?wt.mc_id=msn


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