A Few Words…



Well another year has passed. Just watched another weather report and we are under a winter weather advisory until 6:00 AM tomorrow. For those friends planning to celebrate this New Year’s evening, please don’t drink and drive! Make plans for a designated driver, or there are numerous “free ride” programs out there. Take advantage of them!

This year has been difficult to say the least. We need to come together as a society, and come up with a realistic plan to deal with what’s happening in our country. It starts with the family. Parents listen to your children (child), and children listen to your parents. Some parents need to realize it’s not society, teachers, government, police officers, or anyone else for that matter to raise your children. It’s your responsibility! Teach your children to talk to each other. Life’s like a big negotiation. It’s give and take. You can’t have it your way all the time!  Learn to respect each other, and more importantly, you need to respect yourself!

Hold people accountable for crimes they commit.  Stop blaming everyone and or everything for choices some individuals make. Some sports figures, celebrities, both actual and reality stars have lost their minds!  The gun debate rages on with no realistic end in sight! So much grandstanding! No comment.

It’s time to take a look at how government operates. Do we need to send so much money to other countries? Shouldn’t we concentrate on our country first? That may sound selfish, but I believe we need to make our country as healthy as possible before concentrating on anything or anyone else. Access to mental health care needs to be streamlined and or made easier. We need to be putting additional funds into educating our youth (so important). Improve services that are directed to our elderly population.  The government needs to pull back from the fiscal cliff (so tired of hearing that). Come up with a realistic budget. Put your egos aside, and “just do it!”

We’ve seen horrific incidents. So many young lives and their families destroyed. These families will never be the same, and that is so sad. If anything at all positive comes out of this, it’s how the country/world came together. We’ve seen law enforcement; fire and EMS come to the aid of each other and to the citizens of the towns and cities affected. Keep all affected by these horrific tragedies in your thoughts and prayers.

Hopefully things will improve in 2013. Let’s hope they do! I want to take this time and personally wish everyone a Happy New Year!







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