Concerns Warrensburg Murder Suspect Could Flee U.S.


WARRENSBURG, Mo. — There are concerns a man charged in the murder of a Warrensburg bar owner could walk out of jail this week and never stand trial.

Ziyad Abid is accused of hiring a hit man to kill 25-year-old Blaine Whitworth. Abid was a student at the University of Central Missouri when the murder took place.

Since being taken into custody and dropped from the school, he is no longer on a student visa which means he is in the country illegally — which is why he may never have to face the murder charge.

It’s been a long seven months Blaine Whitworth’s family.

“We would like to express our appreciation, you know, just for the outpouring of love and support,” said Diane Whitworth, Blaine’s mother. “That’s the only way, through our faith, family and friends is how you go forward.”

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One comment

  1. fedlaw206 · April 5, 2013

    Let me get this straight. This individual arrives in the United States on a student visa and commits a felony; an extremely serious one at that. While incarcerated, he drops out of school, thus making his being here illegal.

    Why should his dropping out of school have any bearing on this case? He committed the felony while here legally. Whether he was here legally or not should have no bearing on this case what-so-ever! He is complicit in the murder of a United States citizen and should stand trial!

    Getting past the above, imagine the victim’s family. They will never be the same, and that is horrible. Losing a sibling/family member from sickness is horrible enough, but to lose someone this way is beyond comprehension.

    The government confuses me a lot! Well there are no words to express what I want to convey without using expletives. Why would anyone be given choices in a situation such as this? We are in charge, not the scumbag who commits the crime! Like I mentioned earlier. Keep his ass in jail, and let him stand trial. Once convicted, send him back to his country; maybe after about 30-40 years in prison.

    Look at that smirk. I would like to rip his face off. Just sayin’.

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