Parents Talk to Your Children (Just a “few” words.)!

Parents (moms and dads) talk to your children. It does not matter whether it is moms talking to sons, or dads talking to daughters, as long as there is a discussion!

I realize both genders may have challenges with the above. In my opinion, society forces these challenges on us. I have an example: My daughter is nineteen-years-old, and in her second year of college. We have always had a pretty open relationship. It was not easy! It just did not happen! Like any relationship, we learned to respect each other (there’s that word, again) through talking, actions, etc. I was fortunate to work “off” shifts for most of her nineteen years, which allowed me to volunteer through her elementary school years, e.g., reading to her classes, PTA, field trips, and Room Parent (the former Room Mother designation) to her first and third grade classrooms. Also, I was an Assistant Troop leader of her Girl Scout troop for six years. I cannot begin to explain how much fun I had. I regret nothing.

What I did notice was this: I was the only male around! Dads should get involved in their daughter’s lives. It shows them their interests are just as vital as boys, and the relationship that develops accompanies her into adult life. They will be assertive in their relationships both personal and professional. The following is crucial to me: They learn to rely on themselves, and if they do get involved in a relationship, whether male or female, it is because they want to be involved. They realize their needs have to be respected, and the relationship is much healthier.

In closing, when my daughter was younger, and we would have conversations about anything (still do); watch a Disney movie (her favorite); go on a school field trip, or be involved in some Girl Scout event, I would question now and then: Is she listening, or will it make a difference? I can tell everyone it does! Like I mentioned in the beginning, my daughter and I have a pretty open relationship. We talk about everything, and I truly enjoy the person she has become.


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