What Should Your Child do if She/He Gets Lost?


If your lost child is shouting, “Mommy!” it can be difficult to distinguish her voice among other children calling for their moms. According to Joselle Shea, manager of children and youth initiatives at the National Crime Prevention Council, preschoolers should learn the first and last names of their parents or any other of their caregivers. “You have to repeat this information to children over and over again to help them remember it. Then if they ever become lost, they can tell someone who their parents are.”

Gilliam suggests getting your child interested in learning your name by presenting it as something very special. “Ask your children if they know your real name, the name other grown-ups use for you. The more important and empowering the information seems to preschoolers, the quicker they’ll be willing to learn it.”

Some parents worry that encouraging children to yell for help will make them easy targets for predators. Not so, Wilson says. “Predators are looking for the kid who is not drawing attention. The kid yelling for her mom is too much trouble.”

For additional information: http://www.parents.com/toddlers-preschoolers/development/social/child-gets-lost/?page=2


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