Mystery Texas Killings ‘Solved’: Disgraced Court Official to be Charged With Murders of Texas District Attorney, His Wife and Assistant DA After They Convicted Him of Theft


A police source told The Dallas Morning News: ‘We can sleep a lot better tonight.’

Williams’ wife, Kim, told the paper: ‘I’m really tired. I was up almost all night. I’m not ready to talk.’

A neighbor told the Dallas Morning News that he knew Williams to be a ‘nice guy’ who was known in the neighborhood for riding around town in his Segway.

Williams was convicted in March 2012 by the district attorney’s office of burglary of a building and theft by a public servant, the station reported.

Surveillance cameras caught Williams taking computer equipment from a county building. As part of his appeal, Williams claimed McClelland and Hasse didn’t like him.

He was sentenced to two months of probation and lost his justice of the peace position as a result of the conviction.

Federal and local authorities searched Williams’ home Friday as part of an investigation into the McLellands’ deaths.

Williams’ attorney, David Sergi, released a statement at the time, saying his client ‘has cooperated with law enforcement and vigorously denies any and all allegations.’

‘He wishes simply to get on with his life and hopes that the perpetrators are brought to justice,’ Sergi said.

Earlier this month, Williams said he voluntarily submitted to a gun residue test and turned over his cellphone after authorities contacted him while investigating the deaths of the McLellands.

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