“America’s Most Wanted” host John Walsh on Lifetime Cancellation: Show Needs to be on TV

John Walsh

CBS News) This could be the end for “America’s Most Wanted,” the groundbreaking TV program now in its 25th year on the air. Lifetime Network has cancelled the show.

Host John Walsh created the first-of-its-kind crime-fighting show back in 1988, following the abduction and brutal murder of his son, Adam.

Since then, “America’s Most Wanted” is said to have helped catch 1,203 fugitives over the past quarter of a century, including 17 people off the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

The show is also credited with bringing home 63 missing children, including Utah teenager Elizabeth Smart. She’d been captive for more than seven months when someone recognized her kidnapper from the show and called police.

The show was a mainstay on Fox for more than two decades, before moving to Lifetime. While “America’s Most Wanted” did not get renewed, the network says it’s developing a pilot for a new show featuring Walsh. And there’s always a chance another network will keep “America’s Most Wanted” on the air.

For additional information: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-505270_162-57579022/americas-most-wanted-host-john-walsh-on-lifetime-cancellation-show-needs-to-be-on-tv/


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