Amid the Chaos and Carnage in Boston, Heroes Emerge


A retired football player carried a wounded woman from the Boston Marathon finish line. A father who lost both his sons, one in Iraq and one by suicide, rushed to aid the fallen. A veteran turned the shirt off his back into a bandage. A surgeon from Kansas finished the race and then started removing shrapnel from other runners.

Besides the first responders, who are trained to help, there were countless other bystanders, race volunteers and runners who have become the faces of heroism in the aftermath of the two blasts Monday that killed three people and wounded at least 176 more.

“Here we know our neighbors. We grieve for them,” Boston Mayor Thomas Menino said at a Tuesday morning news conference. “We know our heroes also. They’re the men and women who wear the helmets, who wear the badges, the runners who helped us yesterday during this time of need.”

Even one of Boston’s big beloved “Pats,” New England Patriots’ retired offensive guard Joe Andruzzi, was captured on camera carrying a woman to safety after the explosions.

As often happens with people who rush in to help, he doesn’t think of himself as a hero.

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