‘Captain Underpants’ Beats ‘Fifty Shades’ on 2012 Banned-Books List


Beloved children’s book “Captain Underpants” topped the American Library Association’s annual study of “most-often challenged books” in 2012, beating out “Fifty Shades of Grey,” “The Kite Runner,” Toni Morrison’s “Beloved” and more. “It’s pretty exciting to be on a list that frequently features Mark Twain, Harper Lee and Maya Angelou,” “Captain Underpants” author Dav Pilkey said. “[But] I don’t see [my] books as encouraging disrespect for authority. Perhaps they demonstrate the value of questioning authority.” The ALA received 464 challenges last year, up more than 25 percent from 2011 but still down compared to the 1980s and ’90s. Still, we wonder how a book about a crusading, underpants-clad hero received more complaints than a book about S&M.

For additional information: http://now.msn.com/captain-underpants-tops-banned-books-list-from-american-library-association?ocid=vt_fbmsnnow


One comment

  1. fedlaw206 · April 16, 2013

    Taylor read “Captain Underpants” when she was younger, and turned out fantastic. Amazing what some people concern themselves with, and what they choose to ignore. Take some chill pills people!

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