The 6-Year-Old Millionaire Who Loves ‘Being the Boss’


British newspapers sometimes look at America with a combination of outrage, condescension and wistfulness — and their coverage often seems like they’re exploring a semi-exotic culture.

So it’s no major surprise if the Daily Mirror appears to be slightly taken aback by Rhode Island native Isabella Barrett. The 6-year-old was recently profiled by the British tabloid as a typical kid who is also a “mini-mogul . . . a MILLIONAIRE who has already developed a taste for the finer things in life.”

Isabella’s success on the kiddie beauty pageant circuit has landed her a spot in the cable TV reality show “Toddlers and Tiaras.” And all this publicity has, in turn, turned Miss Barrett into an industry, with her own brand of toys at Toys R Us, a jewelry collection, a soon-to-be-released pop single, a lucrative modeling career and an official Facebook page.

“What’s not to like about being a millionaire?” says Isabella, who’s not exactly a shrinking violet. “I’m a superstar, I have my own jewelry line, and I just love being the boss. I never lose at anything, and almost every pageant I enter I win. But what I love more than anything is shoes. I have over 60 pairs.”

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One comment

  1. fedlaw206 · April 16, 2013

    This is very sad. Another Lindsey Lohan in the making. Her parents need to be quickly removed as her guardians.

    The Mirror says that while Isabella’s mother, Susanna, is “quick to hit back at people who criticize her for ‘sexualising’ her daughter and making so much money from her, she does admit to becoming addicted to her daughter’s new-found fame.”

    Who cares what the mother has to say. What a piece of crap!

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