One Cop’s ‘Not Today’ Attitude Ends a Gunman’s Multi-State Shooting Spree


Seth McCloskey was a real bad guy who just happened to come up against Josh Kenworthy and the other officers of Tomah (Wis.) Police Department who said, “Not today.”

Josh Kenworthy “never thought in a million years” he’d completely empty his M-4 patrol rifle, toss it aside in disgust, transition to pistol and keep shooting, and still be left to wonder whether or not the armed suspect still presented a deadly threat.

But on April 22, 2011, that’s precisely what happened, and for his fast actions and “Not Today” attitude to prevail no matter what the challenge before him may have been, PoliceOne has named Josh Kenworthy the Not Today Award recipient for 2013.

PoliceOne Columnists Dave Smith and Betsy Brantner Smith presented Kenworthy with the award during a ceremony at ILEETA 2013 in Wheeling (Ill.).

The Plan Was…
Shortly before Kenworthy’s shift began, officers were investigating a drive-by shooting outside a home in Tomah. When Kenworthy went 10-8, he immediately began assisting in the investigation, gathering information first at an auto shop and then a local motel.

Kenworthy ended up staked out near a local watering hole where the suspect — a 28-year-old man named Seth McCloskey — had reportedly been seen.

Sitting in the passenger seat of his Sergeant’s car, his rifle in his lap, Kenworthy watched McCloskey leave the bar and get into the pickup truck listed in the suspect’s motel paperwork.

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