Something to Think About


Kids are the future of this world; Protect kids and you Protect the world. Please remember these are more than words, and all children have everything needed to be successful. Please keep this in mind. Try not to let your opinion of success cloud your child’s dreams, or should I say, their idea of what it takes to be successful. It is their life! Teach your children to be kind to each other; To have character and integrity, and to follow-thru with whatever they decide is important to them.

We should be appalled at what has been taking place, involving children, in society over the years, e.g., childhood hunger; sexual, physical and mental abuse, war, children murdered at the hands of children; children caught in the crossfire of drug dealers and/or gang members. Know what is sad about this? The list continues!

I remember when a murdered child would make the front page of the local newspaper. Now it is on page four or five. The majority of society are of the mindset; well, It is not my family or friend (s) dealing with this situation. As the saying goes, “Out of sight; out of mind.” It does affect everyone, both now and the long-term. Does this shock anyone? The children are the future. These are more than words. This is a reality!

If we do not take a stand right now; everything we value as a society will cease to exist. Something to think about!


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