Something to make us think!


Something to make us think!

I have been following the recent events in Florida. For those who are unfamiliar with the story; I will share a condensed version.

An 8-year-old female child was abducted from a Walmart and later found murdered in a church parking lot. What I find frustrating about this story is this: The alleged abductor is a previously convicted and released sex-offender. According to news articles, the deceased child, her mom, and the suspect had just met a the Walmart. The suspect convinced the mom to let him take the child to a McDonalds for a snack (located in the Walmart). Instead, he took the child and fled in a white van. After a frenzied search by law enforcement and citizens, the child’s body was recovered about an hour later in the church parking lot.

What is so frustrating to me is the mom had just met the suspect, and she let him take “her child” for a snack! I understand molesters/pedophiles (There is a difference between molesters and a true pedophile.) have the ability to be master manipulators; But what was going thru this mom’s mind?

Being a parent or guardian is a “real” responsibility! Please teach your children not to go with anyone they do not know without your permission. If there is a parent out there having difficulty with the previous sentence or teaching your child basic safety rules, please attend one of the many safety classes offered in most or all communities. Your local law enforcement is a great start.

Your child’s safety or life depends on what should begin at home!


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