Another dead child!


Alanna’s body was found wrapped in a tarp a mile and a half from her home in Saginaw, Texas, on Monday night. She her hands and feet were bound, she had a plastic bag over her head and she was naked except for a pair of purple underwear.

Police on Wednesday announced that the FBI has offered a $10,000 reward for anyone who helps them find the monster who abducted Alanna from her parents’ house.

For additional information:

Another Dead Child

Alanna Gallagher, a six-year-old girl found wearing only purple panties, bound and murdered in a quiet suburban Fort Worth neighborhood. Two teenagers, who were playing in the neighborhood, found her in an intersection under a tarp.

This is the second time I am writing about a murdered child in three weeks! It seems to be happening more frequently, or it could be my imagination. Remember when an incident of this nature would shake us deeply? Now it seems after they report the initial incident in the news there is outrage, but it quickly subsides and things return to normal. In my opinion, this is a sad situation.

We should be outraged! I support the death penalty for individuals who choose to murder children. We have to “have children’s backs!” Children are the future. This is a fact! It may sound corny, but it is how I truly feel.

We should be protesting in the streets when a child is abused, neglected or murdered! When politicians attempt to take money marked for education and spend it elsewhere, etc. These are reasons to raise hell! It is that simple. If we choose to ignore these things now, we will pay for it later.


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