Attempted Abduction


A 9-year-old girl is safe at home Tuesday night after a man tried to lure her into his car from her bus stop.

For additional information:

Read an article pertaining to an attempted abduction, which occurred in, Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was Tuesday and the last day of summer school for 9-year-old Alycia. She was the only student dropped off by the school bus at 1:00 PM, in a parking lot in the vicinity of her residence.

As the bus was pulling away, a man who was in a car, opened the door, and told her to get into the car. According to Alycia, she began to walk, but started to run because the man was following her. She ran towards her residence where her parents were waiting for her. As soon as her mom saw her, she realized there was a problem.

When Alycia told her parents what had happened, a neighbor followed the suspect’s vehicle. He caught up with the suspect a few miles down the road, and police took him into custody.

In my opinion, Alycia did exactly the right thing in a situation such as this. I do have a concern. Why was a nine-year-old child not met at the bus stop? Even though a short way from home, the bus dropped her off in a parking lot by herself. I understand we have to let children grow up, or should I say, take on some responsibility (within reason), but a simple precaution in this situation might have resulted in a different ending. A suggestion would have been to have an adult meet her at the bus stop.

As parents, we can allow children to grow up and teach them common sense safety rules at the same time. Allow them to experience life (have fun), but use what God gave them; the use of their brains! Also, to use their senses especially their sixth sense. It may not always be right, but it is a great indicator of potential danger. It is always best to realize danger prior to the event of getting into a dangerous situation. Just sayin’.

I included school safety rules from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). The rules should be reviewed on a consistent basis, but practical exercises should also be employed. According to articles written on the subject, children tend to remember more and if a situation does arise; they will tend to react quickly and decisively when using practical exercises.

For school safety rules from NCMEC:


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