Independence police recover stolen car with sleeping children inside!


It was a terrifying night for a metro mother after she left her two children in her car while checking into an Independence motel.

Police received a 911 call shortly after midnight Sunday that a woman was checking into America’s Best Value Inn, near South Noland Road and East 43rd Terrace, and had her car stolen while she was inside the motel.

For additional information:

Simple Solution is this: Do not leave your children in the car, and the keys in the ignition while checking into a hotel! However, it does not excuse the sub-human’s decision to steal the vehicle. Just sayin’.

Time to get off my high horse! This is not the last time this will occur, and that is scary. Fortunately whoever stole this vehicle probably did not know the children were inside, and they apparently contacted the police. This could have very easily turned out tragically. I have to believe somebody up there was watching!

DO NOT exit your vehicle without your children and keys, EVER! I know life can get hectic sometimes, but this is playing the odds. It only takes a few minutes to gather up the children and take the keys out of the ignition prior to exiting your vehicle. I can only imagine what went through this mom’s mind.

Some people are thinking; it is only a few minutes. I can see them while I get gas, etc. My guess is the mom in this article was thinking the same thing.

It is not worth seeing your children put into harm’s way.


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