Police sergeant relieved after releasing bloody photos of Boston bombing suspect.


The Massachusetts State Police sergeant who took photographs of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev that were published by Boston Magazine says he has been relieved of duty pending a review. Sgt. Sean Murphy told CNN’s Anne Clifford Thursday night that he is on leave and has a hearing next week. Earlier Thursday, a police spokesman said the agency had not authorized the release of photos Murphy took.

For additional information: http://fox4kc.com/2013/07/19/police-sgt-relieved-after-releasing-bloody-photos-of-boston-bombing-suspect/

It amazes me how the media whether it is the print news, television, or this piece of crap magazine glamorize these sub-humans. We have these damaged pieces of crap looking to further their cause (whatever their cause may be), and then here is this nut job’s face on a national magazine. They laugh at us (this country) every day.

The terrorists, or anyone for that matter, do not have to lift a finger because the United States government/media will or is destroying this country as we sit here worrying about superficial events in the news. We are aware of the stories. The old deflect and defer. It works well in this country because we tend to get all uppity when something breaks, and then several months later, we move on to the next media/government created “storm!”

Think about what should be important, educating children; child abuse/neglect; the way media portrays women; how the government spends “our” tax dollars; getting to the cause of racism; I am speaking of the real cause of racism! The list continues.

Then the punk-ass politicians in Massachusetts decide to cave and relieve this officer of his duties. OMG! Let’s discipline this officer for releasing these photographs. The world will never be the same (lol)! Deflect and defer. Just another government/media storm for the sheep to protest. Just sayin’…


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