Sheriff Lott: ‘The Search for Gabbiee Swainson is Over.’


Columbia, SC (WLTX) – Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said he believes his officers have found the remains of missing Columbia teen Gabbiee Swainson at a location in Kershaw County.

Lott said 53-year-old Freddie Grant led officers to a location near Elgin Thursday where Grant has said he buried the girl.

“The monster Freddie Grant took us to a location in Elgin where he buried Gabbiee,” Lott said. “The search for Gabbiee is over…She is coming home.”

Just after 9 p.m. Thursday night, Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews said crews finished removing the body from the scene, after an excavation effort that took several hours. Her body has been taken to the State Law Enforcement Division’s facility in Newberry County for an autopsy.

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I have recently read the article in regards to authorities locating the body of Gabbiee Swainson. For those unfamiliar with the case, Gabbiee went missing on August 18, 2012 from Columbia, SC. She was a fifteen year old student who attended Ridge View High School.

I also watched a video of Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews’ news conference announcing they had located Gabbiee’s grave. He also advised the body had already been removed, and transported to a state facility for an autopsy.
Her body located due to negotiations with the “monster Freddie Grant (the sheriff’s words and I agree)” that began when Gabbiee first went missing. Mr. Grant currently an inmate at a federal prison in Kentucky on a federal ammunition charge and has been the prime suspect in Gabbiee’s disappearance.

Also attending the news conference was Fifth Circuit Solicitor Dan Johnson. Mr. Johnson advised a break in the case came last month when officers arrested Grant’s daughter, Dominique Grant. Ms. Grant charged as an accessory after the fact in connection with the case. Apparently, she took Gabbiee’s cellular telephone and dumped it behind a Piggly-Wiggly in Myrtle Beach, SC, in an effort to mislead investigators.

As Sheriff Matthews stated, Mr. Grant did not do this because it was weighing heavily on his conscience. It is because his daughter is facing some very serious jail time due to her involvement with the case.

A young life brutally cut short. This sub-human is still breathing, and it makes me want to scream! Think of all the destruction he has caused. Gabbiee’s mother robbed of her daughter and will never be the same. The same goes for her friends. This makes me think of the contributions Gabbiee might have made to the world. I always think of what might have been.

In closing, I have a message to parents and guardians, or anyone else responsible for raising children. Children should be taught basic safety rules. Please talk to your children and ask questions about their feelings in regards to safety. If or should I say, when there is a discussion with your children; listen to their answers. Then go from there. I suggest a safety plan.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Gabbiee’s mother, other family members and friends. I am sorry there are “monsters” out there, and Gabbiee; your departure is much too early. Rest in peace sweetie, and I have no doubt there will be another angel watching over the children, here on earth, in an effort to keep them safe.


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