Public Schools vs. Charter Schools


It is so sad to see parents having to utilize a lottery to see if their child gets a quality education, or should I say, gets into a quality school. We, as a nation, spend tons of money on education and still have some of the lowest test scores in the civilized world. What are they doing with the money?

Hurricane Katrina destroyed some of New Orleans’ schools. The majority of the schools located in the 9th Ward, which was probably one of the worst school systems in the nation. However, Charter schools have emerged, and the 9th Ward is now experiencing some of the best test scores in the state.

I watched a TV special, Stupid in America, which John Stossel hosted. Apparently, Charter school’s test scores are higher when compared to public school’s lower scores. What is amazing is the cost per classroom is lower in Charter schools than public schools.

Mr. Stossel went on to reveal teacher unions vehemently oppose Charter schools, and it is not because they use sub-standard methods to teach children, but according to supporters of Charter schools; they are a serious threat to public school teachers. It seems sub-standard teachers, in the public school system, “exist” for years because unions have made it too difficult to terminate them. It is amazing to see procedures, in some school systems, regarding the termination of teachers who are performing well below their job expectations.

Seems like a combination of unions, politicians and some parents who do not participate in their children’s education could be reasons for the current failing school system. In regards to parents, when I mentioned parents not involved in their children’s education; I was speaking of parents from all socio-economic backgrounds. The fact remains attending school in an inner-city environment vs. a suburban one has its disadvantages. There are numerous causes for this, but they are too complicated to get into at this time.

The American public school system needs to be overhauled. We should be able to compete with other countries’ systems. If things do not change; well, I would be sad to see the alternative if we do not. Schools should not be teaching children to conform, but teaching them to think outside of the box. To be able to compete in the world today they will have to think independently; use their brains, etc.

In closing, there are a lot of great teachers out there; family members included! They are out there doing their jobs every day while dealing with adverse situations. Remember this: They are teaching the next generation who will carry on after the current one disappears. If we are to survive as a society, teachers need us to support them, but not just by dumping money into a broken system; it needs to be other forms of assistance, as well. They are performing an extremely important role, which is educating our children, the nation’s most valuable resource.


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