The California Co-Ed Bathroom Bill: What you need to know.


Dr. Dobson talks to an attorney to discuss what you should know about the “Co-Ed Bathroom Bill”—and what you can do about it. It’s information you won’t want to miss.

Check this out.

Apparently, the politicians in California feel this will; well, I’m not sure what this will accomplish. They claim this bill will decrease incidents of bullying.

Follow this scenario (please/sorry). You have a male child who attends junior high, and he’s being bullied in the boys’ locker room. They feel (keep in mind these are educated people) by allowing him to utilize the girls’ locker this will decrease his being bullied. WTF are they thinking, or are they because I’m not sure. In my estimation, the bullying will triple!

They also mentioned something about gender re-assignment. I guess if a child comes to school one day, and decides they want to change genders. Poof, you’re now a boy, Carol, or you’re now a girl, Sam. They may use the respective bathrooms if this bill passes.

Something else to think about. What if you have a daughter or son who attends the same junior high? Will they have to shower or change with these same children. Emotions and hormones are already running high, and then you throw this into the mix. Wow! You better grab a chair, drink, and some popcorn because this is gonna be one hell of a show (lol)! The attorneys are waiting in the wings.

Silly California (dumb asses).

For additional information:


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