Ariel Castro days before suicide: ‘I don’t know if I can take this neglect anymore’


COLUMBUS, Ohio — Frustrated by conditions in his cell, obsessed with the quality of prison food and convinced that guards were mistreating him, Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro committed suicide as the reality of living out his life in prison set in, two consultants concluded Tuesday.

The two, considered national experts on prison conditions, rejected suggestions that Castro may have died accidentally while seeking a sexual thrill, as an earlier review by the state prisons agency suggested.

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This story pissed me off, and, therefore, qualifies for a “Shumi” rant (lol)! Here we go, again. The media concentrating on the perpetrator. Let me state this, again! He kidnapped and held three women captive for nearly a decade; I believe one was a juvenile at the time of her abduction. This sub-human beat and RAPED his victims repeatedly! As a result of the RAPES (attempting to drive this point home), one of his CAPTIVES became pregnant and the result; A beautiful/healthy baby girl.

The following imaginary conversation is my opinion and yes; I may have some challenges (lol):

Imaginary person asking this question: Does anyone know why this sub-human committed suicide?

Me: He was NO LONGER IN CONTROL! This piece of elephant dung was nothing more than an abuser! He created his own little world. He was in control of all aspects of his captives’ lives.

We as human-beings need to let the media and anyone else who decides to dwell on the perpetrators of these horrific crimes that they should redirect their efforts to the VICTIMS! They are the human-beings that need support. It is that simple!

Mr. Castro was nothing more than an evil, controlling and abusive sub-human. I forgot to mention COWARD!

Is the world safer now that Mr. Castro is dead than when alive? Yes! Remember his victims, which includes the most innocent, the child!

Now that the rant is complete, I feel much better.


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