Girl, 3, dies following brain damage during dental procedure says lawyer


A Honolulu girl has died after going into cardiac arrest during a dental procedure left her severely brain damaged last month, according to her family’s lawyer.

Finely Boyle, 3, had been in hospice since early December, and doctors there removed her feeding tube last week because there was no hope for recovery, L. Richard Fried, Jr., told She died Friday night surrounded by her parents and relatives.

“Even the doctors are in tears,” Finley’s mother, Ashley Boyle, told ABC affiliate KITV in Hawaii earlier this week. “They all have children, too. We were all waiting for her to wake up.”

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Something to think about…

This is horrible! As a parent (s), it is so important to question any procedure performed on your child or YOU for that matter. Apparently, or at least according to the article, this child had four (4) root canals, and numerous cavities filled; believe it was eight (8) at one appointment. Also, the dentist administered the maximum dose of narcotics to put her under and the child was not properly monitored. She apparently went into cardiac arrest and was not breathing for some time prior to anyone realizing.

I know we all strive to be polite, and we respect physicians/dentists and the work they perform. When it comes to your child that goes out the window. “I had several discussions with physicians/dentists over the years regarding my daughter. I told them in a nice way that while I respect their profession this is my daughter, and I did not give a fuck (Excuse me, but those were my exact words.) whom they were. They were not God, and God works through them!” Remember they have become accustomed to being in-charge and not questioned.

Please question any procedure, and remember YOU are the boss! If YOU feel anyone is being disrespectful, or should I say, no one is listening, please stop the procedure. There are many physicians/dentists out there who are fantastic, and will take the time to answer all your questions.

Thanks for listening.


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