Dad’s parenting picture goes viral for wrong reasons


LOS ANGELES, Calif.-A doting dad, posts a heart-warming picture of himself bonding with his two little girls, and its making its way around the Internet, but the reasons are not all good.

A Los Angeles dad has a blog called “Doin Daddy Work, Adventures Of A First Time Dad Raising His Daughters,” and a lot of people read it. He posted a picture back in October, but it has suddenly caught on and everybody is talking about it because of all the negative comments.

Doyin Richards, the dad at the center of all this, told Yahoo Shine that his wife was running late that morning and thought he couldn’t handle the baby and get the other daughter’s hair done. So he decided to prove his wife wrong. The picture shows him with a baby carrier and doing his daughter’s hair.

The blog picture was reposted by another blog called The Good Men Project in late December, and it suddenly went viral because of comments from haters. Here are some of the negative comments people posted.

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I find some of the comments interesting, “He probably rented those kids. They do not even look like him. I would bet anything that you are a deadbeat dad. So do you do this for all of your illegitimate kids?”

What is also interesting is most comments are coming from insecure men; well, is it insecurity or racism? There are plenty of dads out there who do a fantastic job raising their children, and sometimes much better than their female counterparts. We are so quick, as a society, to dismiss dads as being out-of-touch with everything thing from their children to feelings; not being supportive of their spouses, etc.

If I had to sum up this photograph with one sentence it would go something like this: This is a dad taking care of his children. It is just that simple. The majority of comments would go something like this if the photograph showed a mom: “The poor woman has to do everything. Where the #### is her deadbeat husband? He is such a loser!” Being a good parent is not a competition, and there are many moms and dads out there who do a great job every single day!

Where do some women get this overpowering need to slam/criticize their spouses? I believe it starts at an early age. Having been taught through the media, each other, some parents, etc. that their self-worth comes from their looks; their bodies (skinny), etc. For example, I remember how some girls treated each other from middle school through high school. They were just horrible to each other. Competing for boys, but that is what society expects, right? They go after the best looking boy or girl and use any means at their disposal.

There should be no distinction between boys and girls starting in kindergarten or should I say, probably from birth! Everyone should be able to pursue the same opportunities whether they choose to follow science or decide on being a stay at home parent. When I mentioned the same opportunities, I meant the same standards, too. Everyone must be treated across-the-board for all to be truly equal.

In closing, I believe things are changing for the better. I have been fortunate to meet many strong/intelligent women through the years who are pursuing and achieving their goals! Also, my daughter, who is a twenty year old college student, taught from an early age that anything is possible in life. It may not be easy, but anything is truly possible. Some of my younger female friends are excelling with amazing grades and personalities. Some are even doing so in other countries! I am in awe and so proud of each and every one.

Thanks for listening.


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