Brave six-year-old girl escapes harm after telling stranger that she’d been abducted when her kidnapper allowed a bathroom break… as his wife was in a hospital giving birth


Houston police have arrested a man in the abduction of a 6-year-old girl who escaped after going into a Target store and alerting a customer that she was kidnapped.

Police say 23-year-old Joaquin Ramos was captured early Thursday and is charged with kidnapping.

Investigators say the child, identified as Kelly Tellez, did not appear harmed during the harrowing one-hour ordeal, which played out Wednesday afternoon when she was snatched from her apartment complex.

The Houston man was apprehended this morning at a local hospital where, according to police, his pregnant wife was in labor.

For additional information:

There is an article in regards to a six-year-old abducted and recovered child in Houston, Texas. The child and her mom had pulled into their apartment complexes’ parking garage. As mom was unloading their vehicle, the child walked over to look at ice that formed on a fence.

Her abductor, later identified as, Joaquin Ramos, pulled up in his vehicle and forced the child into the backseat and took off. The child’s mom pursued the kidnapper on-foot and then by vehicle but quickly lost sight.

A short time later, Ramos and the child were caught on closed circuit television entering a Target store. Ramos had to use the restroom and he told the child to do the same. Once he left, the child approached a customer and revealed a man kidnaped him. The customer in turn notified store management, and the manager retrieved the child from the restroom and notified the police, but Ramos escaped.

Meanwhile, Ramos’ relatives saw his picture and vehicle on the television news later that evening and contacted authorities with information regarding his whereabouts. Early the next morning, police officers apprehended Ramos at Memorial Hospital, where his wife had given birth hours earlier. He allegedly admitted to kidnapping the child whom he did not know, and offered no motive for the child’s abduction.

Ramos might have been thinking of kidnapping a child for quite some time. There are numerous reasons why individuals choose to abduct, molest and sometimes, murder children. Some reasons have to do with fantasies and attempting to live-out those fantasies; some have to do with stress and the fact children are easy targets, etc.

I have limited experience on this subject, e.g., reading articles, books and some practical, but I am not an expert on this subject nor do I profess to be. Been dealing with child safety since the 80s from the days of stranger danger; my brief involvement as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) to my planning and involvement in child safety events.

One of the many things I learned as a parent is circumstances can change in an instant! Your child is there one moment and the next gone. I remember one story in particular regarding my 3-year-old daughter. She was shopping at Walmart with her mom and my sister-in-law when she disappeared for a short time. They found her in one of those circular clothes racks. My wife, still upset when she got home, stated, “it seemed she disappeared in a second.”

While I realize incidents such as the one above happen, please make a conscious effort to watch your child; especially when out in public. It is so easy to get distracted, but incidents such as the abducted child can occur in an instant!

I understand we cannot live life being afraid to leave our house, but we can take precautions, or should I say, teach children to be safer as they venture out into the world. Teach them to use what God gave them, which is their brains. They need to be able to think on their feet.

There are safety programs/systems out there that teach children how to be more assertive and safer while out in public or with family and friends. Some suggested organizations are Kidpower and RadKids, etc. If you are looking for a local program, please contact your police department or log onto the Internet.

Please do not take the above as criticism but as information and or a suggestion.


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