When cops connect with their communities.


I had the pleasure, on the east coast, of working for a department that practiced Community Based Policing. I laugh when politicians come up with these programs/buzz words. Some departments have been doing this for years. They ONLY stopped when the same politicians (both parties, so don’t even try to place blame) decided to cut funding to fire/EMS/law enforcement and education. In reference to the latter; I hate when they play Russian roulette with our children’s lives.

You have citizens complaining of paying additional taxes; politicians cutting vital services, but protecting their interests (had to believe). The media is constantly inciting anything that will raise their ratings. When crime rates start to rise, the juggling of statistics begins. A recipe for disaster!

Fire/EMS/law enforcement departments should get to know their respective communities. I remember visiting fire stations and talking to police officers who were on their walking beats. Knowing the people in your communities, whether it be an affluent or low-income area, is vital to our society as a whole. Children and adults need to see their city/state/county employees have their backs. That not ALL law enforcement officers are disrespectful; not all politicians are out for their own interests, etc.

It’s amazing to see when you get out into communities that the MAJORITY of citizens are law-abiding and hard-working. They want the best for their families. The same as anyone else, anywhere! So don’t be so quick to listen to different media outlets. Do some research before taking any action.

Do I feel some things need to change in this country? Of course, I do! Let’s get out and vote. That’s the place to start, or should I say, get the ball rolling.


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