An Idea

I Have Your Back

I’ve wanted to start a non-profit for years now. Sometimes the drive is strong; other times it’s not. However, it never goes away. You know what I mean. It’s always in the back of your mind. Someone once told me: “When an idea never leaves your mind; is always there somewhere. Maybe it’s God trying to tell you something.” Well, it’s time to do something!

I know nothing about starting a non-profit, but I can learn, so the research begins. Money seems to be the most important obstacle. Wish one of those billionaires out there would give me a couple of a hundred million dollars!

Guess I should share my idea with everyone. The non-profit would be called, “I Have Your Back.” It would be a series of buildings; one housing a child advocacy center similar to the one in Dallas, Texas; one would house an after-school tutoring center. One would house an area that loads backpacks every weekend for children who are experiencing food emergencies (Blessings in a Backpack). We all know by now that children who are hungry cannot properly learn.

Also included in the non-profit would be an area for recycling, animal rights, bullying, etc. I would have a wildlife education center (already have an idea for an area).

Lastly, a child safety center that; well, uses a “holistic” approach to safety. We’re not talking about the standard “stranger danger” teachings, but a more common sense approach that includes everything from personal to internet safety. I envision about five to six acres, which does not include the wildlife education center. I know it sounds crazy, but one can dream, right?

Thanks for listening. I feel better now that I’ve gotten it off my chest (lol).


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