So they caught the suspected mass killer, Dylan Storm Roof. Congratulations to law enforcement for catching this inadequate individual! This person obviously was taught to hate because we are not born with the trait. That’s enough about hate. We ALL know it exists.

What I want to talk about is this: Attention. The media outlets are already all over this horrible incident and have been before they knew the whole story; repeating the same thing over-and-over again. It’s what this inadequate individual craves. He even went so far as to leave a witness alive to tell the world; to make sure we know his crime was racially motivated. It NEVER ceases to amaze me that humans find it acceptable to kill other humans because they’re different, race, religion, gay, transgender, etc. The list goes on and on! We’re all human, right?

In the upcoming court case, there’s no doubt he will use it as a platform to spread additional hate and garner attention. Let’s not allow this to occur. They shouldn’t speak his name. They shouldn’t televise his trial. They shouldn’t post his photo. In a perfect world, this would occur, but we know it won’t.

Instead, let’s remember the innocent victims. The five-year-old child that was forced to “play dead” by her grandmother, so she would survive and by the grace of God, she did! Let’s pray for the victims who survived. Let’s pray for the families. It’s what’s important!

Thanks for listening.


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