Yes, Let’s Blame the Fireworks


Another fireworks-related death. I read an article about the Maine ADULT, who decided to launch a firework device from his head. A second fatality was the result of another ADULT launching a device from his chest.

The media interviewed the first (Maine) adult’s mother. She suggested the state conduct safety classes prior to anyone purchasing fireworks. Such as they conduct hunter safety classes.

Let’s see you have two ADULTS who decided to launch firework devices from their respective body parts. The mixture of a lot of alcohol and explosives does not equal a positive outcome!

They need to have a little caricature, on each firework, with a firework device on their head with a line going through it (Danger, do not do this.). Also, add a line, “Launching fireworks from a body part may be detrimental to your health.”

Parents, Children need to realize this is NOT safe behavior!

Read the article:


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