Student and Mid-Term Exams


I worked, as a police officer, for a large east coast inner city medical center affiliated with an Ivy-League school during the mid-80s and early-90s. It requires much focus and dedication from their students.

Mid-term exams were approaching, and this sees a rise in stress levels in students, which is normal. Students don’t seem to have enough time in the day to accomplish everything expected of them.

The major difference of this particular college: Some Students can attend because of hard work and scholarships, and some because of parents who are footing the bill. We’re not talking about $12,000 thousand dollars per year (remember this was the 80s), but $25,000 per year (The current cost is about $54,000 per year!). When you throw everything into the mix; let’s just say stress levels rise because there is a lot to lose.

By this time, I had been promoted to Sergeant and because of the high level of activity in the Emergency Department; decided to assist officers already working the area until the activity slowed down.

A short time later, an ambulance crew brought in a young female college student who had taken too much NoDoz in an attempt to buy more study time for the upcoming mid-terms. She was promptly placed in an exam room until a physician could examine her, and left to her own devices.

Before I continue let me remind you that this young lady is very attractive and in great shape. I’ll continue with the story. The ambulance crew, several nurses and I had gotten into a conversation by the Emergency Department’s ambulance bay entrance. All of a sudden the bay doors opened and the young female college student ran by us naked as a jaybird! Apparently, she felt clothes would just slow her down in her quest to escape. After all there was additional studying to be done!

Imagine driving down the street and you see this. A naked young woman running down the street pursued by a police officer (laughing hysterically), two nurses who were yelling obscenities. Also, one Medic, who kept repeating, “I’m going to pee my pants.” and one EMT, who forgot to lock their rig, it sounded something like this: Me laughing. Will you please fucking stop (the staff was always polite). I’m going to kick your ass. I forgot to lock the fucking rig. I’m going to pee my damn pants. Repeat.

We did catch her a short time later. She just stopped because she was tired of running. We forgot to take something to cover her, so we walked to her back to the Emergency Department, which I’m sure raised some eyebrows. I miss that job!


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