High School Student Commits Suicide


Just listened to the press conference regarding the teenager who committed suicide at Lee’s Summit-North High School.

First of all my prayers to the family and friends of the student. Also, to the teachers and students of the Lee’s Summit School District. Lastly, to the first responders. They are responsible for dealing with a lot of horrible situations but don’t get nearly enough recognition.

Now the media. You all are dumbasses! All I heard was your concern about the difference between a soft and hard lockdown. Really! Is that all you could up with from this horrible, horrible, incident?

A soft lockdown is designed for students and staff to shelter-in-place and allows for quick movement by law enforcement/EMS personnel. Hallways are cleared and allow for a quicker reunification of families, etc. One of the only differences are the exterior doors to the facility are not locked.

My guess is they knew it was an isolated incident/one gunshot, etc.; therefore, opted for a soft lockdown.

The concern should be for the deceased student, her family, and friends, etc. Also, researching ways to try and prevent horrible incidents such as todays from getting to that point.

We need way more focus on mental health issues in this country!

The media truly has become a joke.

Lee’s Summit North High School dismisses students early after teenage girl takes her life


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