Water Safety at Home (Bathrooms/Children)

The Following are safety guidelines around bathrooms:

(HealthDay News)-Water hazards can be found throughout just about any home, but parents can take a few precautions to help protect children from water-related injuries at home.

The Safekids.org website shares these safety guidelines for parents regarding water safety at home:

•Always close the doors to laundry rooms and bathrooms.

•Never keep water in large 5-gallon buckets at home; always empty them out, turn them upside down and store them out of reach of children.

•Make sure that toilet lids are always closed and use toilet-seat locks.

•Always completely drain the bathtub as soon as bath time is over.

For additional information: http://health.usnews.com/health-news/news/articles/2013/03/13/health-tip-be-careful-with-kids-around-water-at-home


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